We missed out on celebrating a few milestones over on our YouTube channel.

To say thank you to all our wonderful subscribers, we’re giving away a free t-shirt from our shop.

To enter the giveaway you just need to login to the Gleam app below and answer the following question:

How many kids did we have when we travelled to Hawaii in 2018?

The reason we’re asking a question in order to enter the giveaway is because we really wanted to give something back to those of you who have been following our journey. However, we understand some people may be new here. So, if you are new here you can get to know us a little better and you’ll be able to work out the answer by watching this video.

Hawaii 10 day itinerary
While your watching please
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Once you login and answer the question you’ll be given extra opportunities to enter.

1K 2K 3K Giveaway!

We are planning to run a monthly giveaway from now on. Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss out on any future giveaways.

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