8 Essentials for Flying with a Baby

Baby travel can be the most daunting of things when doing it for the first time.  So with over 3 years of travel experience clocked in with our little boys, we hope we can be of some help.  Here we share 8 things you need in your carry on to make baby travel a breeze.

Baby Carrier

Rarely will you find us at an airport with a stroller.  Instead bring a baby carrier! Not only have we recommended them here 5 Tips for Travelling with Babies and Toddlers to Help Keep your Sanity , 16 Tips for Travel in Japan with Kids and Travel Tips for Travel in Asia with a Baby and a Toddler but if you head to our YouTube channel or Instagram you’ll see us in action using them on our travels.  We really do believe they are that useful!

Baby carriers are extremely handy as they help bub remain calm and happy as well as allowing them to nap during those longs airport waits.  They also make it easier to get around, especially in crowded airports when you need to get to your boarding gate or through customs at your new destination.  We have also used our baby carrier while on the plane to help our boys sleep when they couldn’t get comfortable otherwise, as well as when they simply needed to be soothed.  Please note you will need to unstrap and remove the baby carrier when going through security at the airport.  This also applies for take off and landing where your baby will need to be in the provided security belt.

If you don’t own one yet, watch our review and demo of the Ergobaby Adapt to get you started.  We love ours  for its ease of use and how comfortable it is.  Check out the video to learn about all its great features.

Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier

More nappies than you think you’ll need

Something we’ve always done is to carry at least a days worth of nappies in our carry on. There are a few of reasons for this.  One is just in case the baby just happens to need more.   And two, in case your checked baggage doesn’t make it to its destination.  Particularly if you are heading overseas and you are not sure where you will be purchasing them on arrival.  Lastly, if your baby has sensitive skin and you will be needing a particular brand, its best to pack as much as you can and avoid a rash.  Luckily these bad case scenarios haven’t eventuated for us but we stick with this rule as it means we just have extra nappies and, of course, peace of mind.



Wetbags have become travel favourites for me since my cloth nappy journey began with Javi a few years ago.  Not only do they keep smells in but they are washable, reusable and water tight.  I recommend you have one of these in your carry on to store any change of dirty clothes, bibs, burp cloths, etc.  You can also use them to organise your nappy bag to make finding things much easier in those crowded flights.  Once at your destination the uses for them continue.  You can take them with you on day trips as they can hold dirty nappies until you can dispose of them, as well as any dirty clothes or wet, sandy swimming gear.  Another awesome use is to separate the kids clothes.  I assign a print to each of them and it makes finding their clothes a breeze.  In our trip to South East Asia I also used one for storing all liquids/creams that went into the checked baggage.  This way should one open the rest of the bag wouldn’t be affected. Truly one of our travel must haves!

Grovia Wetbag

Change of clothes

Another thing I automatically pack in our carry on bag for every trip is a spare change of clothes for not only the boys but also for myself.  I’m not exactly sure how, but after the many trips we have done I’ve been spared from mid air poo explosions.  Still, I’d never be without a change of clothes as you just never know when you’ll need them.  Also, should your checked bag not make it to your destination, you are guaranteed a fresh change of clothes on arrival.

Carry On Bag

Silicone bib

I never expected I’d be carrying around one of these.  However, as it turns out, they are a great addition to any travel bag with young kids.  I am not a fan of cloth bibs when travelling (okay…even at home) as they just add more to the washing and you need multiples for when they get dirty.   I also don’t like the idea of paper or one use bibs.  They cost money and  they produce more unnecessary rubbish.  A great feature of these bibs is the ability to catch food before it hits baby’s clothes or the floor.  This prevents big messes at the airport or on the plane, and they are easily cleaned in the wash room.  Bonus!  Your baby doesn’t end up with stained clothes.

Silicone Bib

Muslin blanket

Muslin blankets are perfect as they are multi use.  They’re great for blocking light for a sleeping baby; provide privacy when breastfeeding on the plane; or as another layer if baby gets cold or to clean up spew!  They fold down small and light.  They are also very easy to hand wash and dry super fast.  On our first trip to South East Asia, when Joaquin was only 3 months old, I was still using breast pads.  However, while travelling I didn’t feel cloth breast pads would be ideal and I didn’t want to use disposables.  Instead I used a muslin blanket, especially for overnight, and then quickly washed and dried it ready to be used again.

Muslin Blanket

Comfort item

Lovey, blanket, soft toy, dummy.  Whatever it is don’t forget it!  Being in a new environment with a lot of new faces can be overwhelming for a lot of babies.  Bring their favourite comfort item to keep them happy and secure.

Jellycat Lovey

Nappy pod or wallet

Toilet cubicles in planes are tiny!  The last thing you want is to haul your nappy bag as well as the baby into that small wash room.  Something I’ve always done instead is to carry a nappy wallet.  We’ve always used one as they are very convenient and make nappy changing a lot easier.  The nappy waller is a change mat that folds up small and has a couple of storage compartments that perfectly fit a couple of nappies and wipes.  They are usually easy to open up one handed  and easy to fold back up as you hold your baby at the same time.

                                                      Nappy wallet      


What is your must have item for making flights with a baby a breeze?? I’d love to know so leave me a comment below!


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  1. I love this list! Being a military family, we travel a lot! I also love using the ezpz mat for snacks! It goes everywhere with us.

  2. carrier and change of clothes are my lifesavers. we dont even bring a stroller with us when we travel. just the carrier!

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