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We’re super excited to be running our very first give away.  It’s super easy to enter and totally free!  We’re giving away the soon to be released Hie Bag by GroVia.

Click here to enter.  It’s totally free! | GIVEAWAY | Hie Bag by GroVia

Watch Elisa talk about this amazing giveaway.

We think this is a great prize for our audience as this bag is perfect for the travelling family.

If you don’t have kids you should still enter this competition.  I’m sure you may know someone with kids you could gift this prize to.  You could even use the bag yourself as we think the bag will be an excellent travel bag for anyone.

The Hie bag is not even in stores yet as it was part of a successful Kickstarter Campaign by GroVia.  Backers of the Kickstarter campaign will receive their bags towards the end of the year and we think this could be the best Nappy bag ever!  We’ve ordered one bag for us and one for this giveaway.

The Hie bag

The Hie bag is loaded with features including:

  • A joey charger for your electronic devices,
  • A laptop storage compartment
  • A magnetic key pocket
  • A fold out changing mat
  • A removable changing pod
  • An insulated Cooler

Some other great features are:

  • the bag stands up when you put it down so you don’t have to worry about it falling over.
  • it is perfect for travel as it meets all airline size requirements for carry on baggage.
  • And finally It also has an option to use a shoulder strap or a backpack carry feature.


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And we have also added some special actions to gain bonus entries.

It’s all free and easy to complete but you must register your entries through the app.

We just want to make it clear this is open to both new and current followers from all over the world.  If you already follow us you’ll just need to register your entries through the app to go into the draw.

Entries will close on Saturday the 2nd of December and will be announcing the winner on Sunday the 3rd of December through our YouTube channel and our social media pages.  (GroVia currently has an estimated delivery of December 2017)

Good Luck!

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49 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY | Hie Bag by GroVia

    1. We can’t wait either 😄 thanks for entering!

  1. This bag is so great. Thanks for running this amazing giveaway!

    1. We think so too! December can’t come fast enough 😀

    1. Thank you Becka! And stick around, lots more content to come 😀

    1. No worries 😉 we couldn’t think of a better prize !

  2. Such a generous giveaway!! Thank you for the chance?!

  3. This is an awesome giveaway and I agree this bag is going to be awesome and useful for travel.

    1. Definitely! So many awesome features in one place 😍

  4. This is so amazing and gracious of you guys.
    We love GroVia too.

    1. Thank you ❤️ Such an awesome company with amazing products!

  5. So kind of you! We love GroVia and would love to win. Thank you!

  6. Thanks for running this amazing giveaway! I am loving discovering your blog so far

    1. Thank you!! That means a lot to us!! And stick around as we have a lot more great content coming😀

  7. This is an amazing giveaway! ❤️ Thank you

  8. This is such an amazing gift to give away! I am a huge GroVia fan and was an original backer for the HIE bag. I unfortunately had to back out last minute due to unforeseen financial circumstances. This is such an amazing chance to be able to be able to be a part of the new HIE bag and I have also discovered this awesome blog! This is a win-win if you ask me! Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I cannot wait to read all of your blogs!!

  9. This surely looks very important travel item for parents. Even I (not yet parent) would think of buying it for the future. Thanks for sharing it

  10. The bag looks amazing. I can’t wait until they are released

  11. So excited for this bag! It literally has everything!

  12. Your family is so amazing! How do you keep up with everything? I love that you enjoy so much with your family, it gives me hope with my little family to travel! This HIE would make some traveling amazing!

  13. Thanks so much for an opportunity to win such an amazing bag!! <3

  14. I love grovia diapers! It would be awesome to have the diaper bag to carry them. 😊

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