How We Got 50% Off Melbourne Attractions

How We Got 50% Off Melbourne Attractions and you can too

(+ other cities Australia and New Zealand wide!)

Disclaimer, this is NOT an sponsored post of any kind…its just fantastic advice!  Read on so you too can access a variety of discounts on Melbourne Attractions!

As our Melbourne trip was getting closer, the list of Melbourne attractions  we wanted to visit got longer and more costly.  I then started to wonder what we could do to reduce our expenditure.  After all, we do want to continue travelling, so being savvy about our spending is a requirement!

I then remembered a fantastic membership that could give us exactly that:  discounts for Melbourne attractions ! Usually we wouldn’t spend money to save money as is the case on a membership.  However, this was the exception to that rule and was very worthwhile for us.

If you reside in Australia or New Zealand, you might have heard of them before.  It’s the Entertainment Book.


It is a membership that gives you access to thousands of offers. It includes discounts to the best restaurants, cafes, art, attractions, hotels and shopping.  The Entertainment Book comes in two formats: a physical book with vouchers or a digital version that you download to your smart phone.  The value of the Entertainment membership varies according to what zone you are purchasing.

We purchased the Melbourne edition of the Entertainment membership for the 11 days we were there.  It cost us $70 and we easily got over $200 in savings!


Some of the Melbourne attractions we used it for were:

We also accessed discounts for a variety of food places and coffee.

Check out all the available zones to see which editions you can take advantage off.  The Entertainment Book also recently released a Bali edition so we will certainly be purchasing it again!  A great feature of the Entertainment Book website is being able toaccess a preview of the book. This way you can check the offers beforehand and have an idea if the membership will work for you or not.

Lastly, a fantastic attribute of the Entertainment Book membership is that it helps organisations fundraise.  You get to nominate an organisation who’s fundraising efforts you’d like to support.  Then 20% of your purchase goes to that fundraiser!  If you are stuck for ideas as to who to nominate, we supported our local  volunteer-run Townsville Toy Library . Alternatively,  you could support the amazing efforts by  the Weir State School Chaplaincy Service.

Overall, we totally recommend it.  We think it provides excellent value in quantity and quality of offers you get access to.  The app was super easy to navigate so finding relevant discounts was a breeze.  We will certainly keep it in mind for future travels.

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  1. That is a really useful advise and a great idea. I would have never guessed that you can save so much money like that ! We haven’t been to Australia yet but we will surely think of it, if we are going during our upcoming world travel.
    Thanks a lot
    Amelie (from the

  2. That is pretty awesome! I would never think to look for something like that but those savings must really add up when you purchase daily things like coffee or meals. So cool!

  3. What a great find! So this is connected to the Entertainment books that used to be sold by schools and sports organizations. I never realized they made an app!

  4. The membership isn’t cheap so I guess you gotta really do lot in Melbourne to make it worth the money but apparently it worked out for you! Had never heard of this before, wish they’d do it in Europe as well!

  5. The Entertainment Book is such good value! I use it for my home state of Tasmania and it really ends up paying off if you go out a fair bit. Haven’t thought of getting it for Melbourne though — might look into it because I live in Melbourne now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the great post!

    Lucy x

  6. We love the entertainment books. Lots of organisations sell them for fundraising so you usually get to support someone at the same time which never hurts,

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