Sanur Bali With Kids | 5 reasons why we loved it and you will too

Sanur Bali With Kids | 5 reasons why we loved it and you will too

Travel with kids // Sanur Bali With Kids // If you are thinking of heading to Bali with a baby or toddler, then read along! Here we give you the scoop on Sanur Bali with kids and the five reasons why we loved it and you will too.

If you are thinking of heading to Bali for your next family holiday with a baby or toddler, then read along!  Here we give you the scoop on Sanur Bali with kids and the five reasons why we loved it and you will too.

We have now been to Bali three times.  The first time around it was our second overseas trip with Javi, then one and a half year old toddler.  I jumped online and scoured multiple sites and forums trying to find more information and tips as to what a Bali holiday is like with young kids, where to stay, what to do, how to stay safe.  Most of everything I read talked about the very popular spots, Seminyak and Legian being the ones most preferred for families.  So in our first trip we stayed in Seminyak for the first  week and Ungasan the second.  We had a fun experience however we opted for something new for our next trip.  This time we stayed in Sanur.  Let me tell you why you should visit this part of Bali instead if you have got kids in tow!

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1.  It’s a lot quieter!


Sanur still has a bit of the hustle and bustle but nothing like its counterparts, Kuta in particular. Food and drink is as accessible, taxis abound, it is super easy to get yourself a massage, and you won’t have to sit in traffic for long if you are going a bit further than your feet can take you.

2.  The beach is much cleaner!

Kuta Beach

One thing I will never get over is how dirty Kuta and Seminyak beaches were.  Believe it or not we did venture out in the water and we had that awkward moment when we realised rubbish was getting stuck to our feet as we swam.  This is definitely not what you picture when you think of a fun Bali family trip.  Ugh!!

If your kids are like ours, they’ll want to get covered in sand and play in it for hours on end. Do you really want your little ones playing in filth?

Instead take the festivities to Sanur beach where it is a lot more suitable for babies and kids. The Sanur beach is cleaner and the ocean has calm shallow water which a lot safer for them too!

Sanur Beach

3.  Party Anyone?

Kuta and Seminyak have a strong reputation for attracting the party crowds.  I think we’ve all heard the stories of people’s drunken bike accidents or rowdy fights.  As a family this can put a deterrent on enjoying yourself if you have to be too concerned about your safety.  You can avoid this almost completely by heading to Sanur instead.  It boasts lots of cafes and restaurants on the beachfront, from warungs on one end to the high end on the other, without the unpleasant vibe.


4. Hardy’s!

If you are like me and the thought of bartering gives you clammy hands…  then you will totally love Hardy’s!  Hardy’s is not only a supermarket but a department store and art market.  It is located on Sanur’s main strip on Jln Danau Tamblingan so its hard to miss. You can find most (maybe all) things the markets sell in Kuta but with cheap set prices.  No bargaining required!  And best of all, its all done over two floors with airconditioning. Lastly, they are open from 8am to 10pm so its perfect if you want to get some shopping done once the kids have been tucked into bed.

5. Over 4km of relaxed beach walk


The long coastal walk was one of our favourite things, the length and variety along the path guarantees you will find a stretch of beach to make your own.  I loved the fact that there were a lot of open sections with massive trees and lovely shade spots where you could set down a mat and relax.  Most importantly, you can get your little ones away from any potential cigarette smoke while giving them lots of room to play without feeling like you are bothering anyone!

But why you should visit Kuta and Seminyak at least for an afternoon or two…

Ohhh the sunsets are divine at the beaches of Kuta and Seminyak!  This is because the sun sets over the ocean on this side of the island.  At Sanur beach you’ll have to be an early riser to catch sunrise over the water.

Kuta sunset

Kuta and Seminyak also have many cool places with live music on the beach to choose from where the beers flow  in the evening.  Combine this with the waves crashing and you have the perfect scene.

If shopping is your thing, you have the Kuta Beach walk shopping centre for all your labels or the markets are just a short walk away.  You will also find a variety of cute boutiques in Seminyak if you are looking for something different and chic.

What are your experiences in Bali with kids?  Share with us in the comments below.

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