Welcome to Our Family Travel Blog

Welcome to our family travel blog.  We are Elisa and David, and we love to travel with our kids, Javier and Joaquin.

Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi

We’ve been together since 2008 and have made it a priority to holiday overseas at least once a year.  For us, travelling abroad has provided us with the most memorable experiences we’ve had in our lives.  It has also given us an appreciation for other cultures.  We want to share our experiences with you, so please come along for the ride.


In June of 2014 we were blessed with our first child, Javier (pronounced Have-ee-air, not Jay-vee-er).  We like to call him Javi.

Baby Javi

You might think having a child would slow us down, well yeah maybe a little, but since Javi was born we’ve done several trips.  Our first adventure as a little family was to Adelaide where we did many day trips to the surrounding areas which finished with a 3 day drive along the spectacular Great Ocean Road towards Melbourne.


The Great Ocean Road

We also also spent a couple weeks in both Japan and Bali as a family of three.

Japan and Bali

Yes, there were some challenges.  Like running around Osaka at seven o’clock at night with Javi wearing his last nappy trying to find somewhere that sold nappies.  It was much more difficult than you would think.  We’ll tell you more about that story later.

In September of 2016 Joaquin was born so unfortunately we have decided to cancel all travel plans.

Baby Joaquin

Just kidding!  The truth is we’d travel full time if we could.  Our goal is to eventually travel perpetually around the world and hope to do this sometime in the next couple of years.  We want our kids to grow up to be global citizens and truly appreciate other cultures.

For now we’ll just have to settle sharing a few trips here and there.  We hope you can come with us for the journey and watch our family grow as we share our adventures.

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