We’re going to Melbourne!

Javi has been asking us to get back on a plane ever since we got back from our adventure in South East Asia, and to be honest, we couldn’t wait to book another trip ourselves.  This time we are keeping it relatively local by heading to gorgeous Melbourne, Victoria, where my youngest sister recently made a move to.

As some of you would know I lived in Melbourne for just over 4 years before I moved to Queensland and although there are some spots I’m longing to take Javi to, most of it will be a new experience for us.  David and I stopped in Melbourne for just one day in 2014 during a cruise from Auckland to Sydney.  Our timing was perfect as the day we spent in Melbourne was during a heat wave and the temperature peaked at 43ºC.  The city was beautiful but it was hard to enjoy in ridiculous heat.


Melbourne pics 2014c
A couple of pics from our brief stopover in Melbourne during a cruise in 2014

The first part of our trip will be a brief stop in Adelaide for a couple of days to visit David’s grandmother and the boy’s great grandmother!  She met both Javi and I two years ago and now Joaquin will get to meet her too.  We don’t plan to do a whole lot while there as we really want to soak up as much time with her as we can.

Next, we are heading to Melbourne where we’ll be spending 11 glorious days (or so I hope). This is where you can help us out!  Any recommendations and tips of where to go, play and eat while in Melbourne would be amazing so send them our way.

We’ve organised a car rental so any ideas for day trips throw them our way too.

We already have a few child centered activities on our to do list, such as visiting St Kilda and Luna Park, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Queen Victoria Gardens, Legoland , Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and Scienceworks.  What do you think?  Would you give any of these a miss?  Share your ideas and comments below!

We can’t wait!!

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